Israeli Poetry

Israeli Poetry

A Contemporary Anthology

Book - 1988
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The best of contemporary Israeli poetry is presented here in exciting new English translations. Poets included in the anthology are Amir Gilboa, Abba Kovner, Haim Gouri, Yehuda Amichai, Dan Pagis, Natan Zach, David Avidan, Dahlia Ravikovitch, Ory Bernstein, Meir Wieseltier, and Yona Wallach.

Publisher: Blommington, IN : Indiana University Press, 1988
ISBN: 9780253203564
Branch Call Number: 892.416/ISR
Alternative Title: A death in spring / Amir Gilboa
Morning-Selah / Amir Gilboa
Our dreams / Amir Gilboa
I've come to the simplest words / Amir Gilboa
Kingdom of silence / Amir Gilboa
I love this sunlight cold / Amir Gilboa
Rain falls and floods / Amir Gilboa
Ancient song / Amir Gilboa
The ends of things / Amir Gilboa
Watchful Wakeful / Amir Gilboa
I wanted to write the lips of sleepers / Amir Gilboa
With the rain / Amir Gilboa
Havdala / Amir Gilboa
My soul wanders about / Amir Gilboa
Gazelle I send you / Amir Gilboa
Of all my loves [excerpt] / Abba Kovner
The scientists are mistaken / Abba Kovner
How many poems were lost / Abba Kovner
Lord of dreams / Abba Kovner
The voice of my white city / Abba Kovner
The hour's late / Abba Kovner
The rhythm band appears on Mount Gerizim [excerpt] / Abba Kovner
Sun-watchers / Abba Kovner
Dinosaurs / Abba Kovner
Dimmed observation / Abba Kovner
Lookout on a rock on the heights of Mount Hermon / Abba Kovner
I don't know if Mount Zion / Abba Kovner
Vow / Abba Kovner
Front page / Abba Kovner
On my words / Abba Kovner
To the things that are immortal / Abba Kovner
Alte Zachen / Abba Kovner
Tashlich / Abba Kovner
While at prayer / Abba Kovner
Mistake / Haim Gouri
His mother / Haim Gouri
Piyyut for the New Year / Haim Gouri
Holiday's end / Haim Gouri
You're no king / Haim Gouri
My Samsons / Haim Gouri
Of the Azazmeh too / Haim Gouri
Pictures of Jews / Haim Gouri
Silk and silence / Haim Gouri
Piraeus / Haim Gouri
Northern romance / Haim Gouri
Window-dreaming with SAS / Haim Gouri
In the Amorite city / Haim Gouri
Gehazi visions [excerpts] / Haim Gouri
An age is ended / Haim Gouri
And this happened / Haim Gouri
At the train station / Haim Gouri
Album / Haim Gouri
Dance / Haim Gouri
Thorns / Haim Gouri
Jericho / Haim Gouri
If / Haim Gouri
God has mercy on the kindergarten children / Yehuda Amichai
My father / Yehuda Amichai
Look, thoughts and dreams / Yehuda Amichai
Lovers in fall / Yehuda Amichai
Instructions for the waitress / Yehuda Amichai
The onus of mercy / Yehuda Amichai
Jerusalem 1967 [excerps] / Yehuda Amichai
Quick and bitter / Yehuda Amichai
In my time, at your place / Yehuda Amichai
Patriotic reflections / Yehuda Amichai
I am a live man / Yehuda Amichai
We will live forever / Yehuda Amichai
Elegy / Yehuda Amichai
Now in the storm / Yehuda Amichai
Jews in the land of Israel / Yehuda Amichai
Testimonies / Yehuda Amichai
Achziv [excerpt] / Yehuda Amichai
Songs of the land of Zion Jerusalem [excerpts] / Yehuda Amichai
Laments on the war dead [excerpt] / Yehuda Amichai
Time [excerpts] / Yehuda Amichai
Epilogue to Robinson Crusoe / Dan Pagis
Honi / Dan Pagis
Logbook / Dan Pagis
A letter / Dan Pagis
Needless return / Dan Pagis
Decline of an empire / Dan Pagis
Ararat / Dan Pagis
Plans / Dan Pagis
Testimony / Dan Pagis
Another testimony / Dan Pagis
Pages of an album / Dan Pagis
I was before I was / Dan Pagis
Final exam / Dan Pagis
Autobiography / Dan Pagis
The limits of physics / Dan Pagis
Armchairs / Dan Pagis
Biped / Dan Pagis
November '73 / Dan Pagis
Siege / Dan Pagis
Houses / Dan Pagis
Tropical greenhouse / Dan Pagis
Photo at the bridge / Dan Pagis
Words / Dan Pagis
Outside the line / Dan Pagis
The souvenir / Dan Pagis
Acrobatics / Dan Pagis
How the day passed. Who / Natan Zach
Max is dead / Natan Zach
War confession / Natan Zach
Harvest month / Natan Zach
Samson's hair / Natan Zach
The painter paints / Natan Zach
Give me what the tree has / Natan Zach
I hear something falling / Natan Zach
Like sand / Natan Zach
Prologue to a poem / Natan Zach
Death came for Michael Rockinghorse / Natan Zach
In the course of time / Natan Zach
A soft warm breeze / Natan Zach
The problem / Natan Zach
Nameless / Natan Zach
A poem too late / Natan Zach
Against sadness / Natan Zach
Longterm hatred / David Avidan
Recurring opportunity / David Avidan
Prehistory / David Avidan
Some futureplans / David Avidan
A moment ago / David Avidan
Glimpse of an open dream / David Avidan
Samson our hero [excerpt] / David Avidan
Practical poems / David Avidan
Two memorial poems / David Avidan
Minor mythology / David Avidan
Song of the self-made orphans / David Avidan
Fire the babysitter / David Avidan
What I have to tell you, until next time / David Avidan
Burying Uncle Salomon / David Avidan
Messages from a spy satellite [excerpts] / David Avidan
Time caught in a net / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Requiem after seventeen years / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Tirzah and the wide world / Dahlia Ravikovitch
War's end / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Surly you remember / Dahlia Ravikovitch
How Hong Kong was destroyed / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Sinking rising / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Portrait / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Dear Mickey / Dahlia Ravikovitch
A private view / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Marionette / Dahlia Ravikovitch
King over Israel / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Man of mystery / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Who art thou, O great mountain / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Human qualities / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Like Rachel / Dahlia Ravikovitch
Poem of explanations / Dahlia Ravikovitch
In a park, in Siena, at twilight / Ory Bernstein
Nocturnal journey / Ory Bernstein
Mene mene / Ory Bernstein
Only from afar / Ory Bernstein
Don't count / Ory Bernstein
Peoms from Mexico [excerpt] / Ory Bernstein
Of all the splendor / Ory Bernstein
Her words from the corner / Ory Bernstein
What she didn't say / Ory Bernstein
Memories of her friend who died / Ory Bernstein
An imagined description of myself, in another scene / Ory Bernstein
What she wanted to be / Ory Bernstein
And later by myself / Ory Bernstein
And after a long while / Ory Bernstein
Time to leave / Ory Bernstein
A wind, that comes on suddenly / Ory Bernstein
At woods' edge / Ory Bernstein
This is a poem of love / Ory Bernstein
Games / Ory Bernstein
A season when nothing's in place / Ory Bernstein
All this is my time / Ory Bernstein
More questions / Ory Bernstein
Take a look at my rebels / Meir Wieseltier
Song of the last soldier / Meir Wieseltier
Sau re-enthroned / Meir Wieseltier
Allenby / Meir Wieseltier
Poetry's buried / Meir Wieseltier
Here in Netanya / Meir Wieseltier
God's fire upon children / Meir Wieseltier
Take [excerpt] / Meir Wieseltier
Too short / Meir Wieseltier
On guard / Meir Wieseltier
Note / Meir Wieseltier
Leningrad : picture postcard / Meir Wieseltier
Caution prevents accidents / Meir Wieseltier
Something optimistic the making of poems [excerpts] / Meir Wieseltier
Holy is the desire to proclaim the existence of God / Meir Wieseltier
Exit to the sea [excerpt] / Meir Wieseltier
Extended sonnet on the death of Isaac Danziger / Meir Wieseltier
Wintry dawn [excerpt] / Meir Wieseltier
Jonathan / Yona Wollach
Christina / Yona Wollach
Sebastian / Yona Wollach
Absalom / Yona Wollach
Two gardens [excerpts] / Yona Wollach
The house is empty / Yona Wollach
This poem should have etc. / Yona Wollach
Lola / Yona Wollach
Are these moods of mine memory / Yona Wollach
Never will I hear the sweet voice of God / Yona Wollach
At sea / Yona Wollach
The body / Yona Wollach
I feel empty / Yona Wollach
When you're not a poet / Yona Wollach
Gentle as moon on water / Yona Wollach
Splitting the infinite / Yona Wollach
All the / Yona Wollach
Love poem # 2 / Yona Wollach
To see long like El Greco / Yona Wollach
To live at the speed of biography / Yona Wollach


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