Great Events From History

Great Events From History

Ancient and Medieval Series. Vol. 3

Book - 1972
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Publisher: Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Salem Press, 1972
Branch Call Number: 909/MAG
Additional Contributors: Magill, Frank Northen 1907-
Alternative Title: Ancient and medieval series, vol. 3
Creation of the "Holy Roman Empire"
Election of Hugh Capet to the Throne of France
Conversion of Russia
Conversion of Hungary
Accession of Basil II
Development of the miracle play
Avicenna Compiles the Canon of Medicine
Chartres' preservation of classical learning
Beginning of the Rome-Constantinople schism
Regularization of papal elections
Battle of Hastings, October 14, 1066
Battle of Manzikert, 107 C. E
Enforcement of clerical celibacy
Enunciation of the Dictatus Papae
Imperial visit to Canossa
Preaching of the First Crusade
Introduction of Arabic numerals
Emergence of the English vernacular
Anselm writes the Cur Deus Homo
Rise of courtly love
Development of the Guilds of Florence
Abelard writes Sic et Non
Signing of the Concordat of Worms
Granting of the Charter of Lorris
Saint Bernard's expression of Mysticism
Judah Halevi writes the Kuzari
Delineation of the Seven Sacraments
Innovations in medieval prosody
Upsurge of Venetian trade with the East
Refinements in banking
Revival of Roman Law
Emergence of Austria
John of Salisbury's expression of political theory
Murder of Thomas à Becket, December 29, 1170
Appearance of the Waldensians
Emergence of the Common Law in England
Exegesis of Maimonides
Culmination of the synthesis of Islamic and Greek thought
Composition of the Nibelungenlied
Founding of the University of Paris
Cultivation of Polyphony
Development of Gothic architecture
Growth of the Fairs of Champagne
Development of scientific cattle breeding
Rise of the Hansa
Capture of Constantinople by the crusaders
Calling of the Albigensian Crusade
Founding of the Franciscans
Signing of Magna Carta
Meeting of the Fourth Lateran council
Conquests of Genghis Khan
Composition of the Romance of the Rose
Penetration of the Baltic by the teutonic Knights
Recognition of the Univertsity of Salerno
Institution of the Inquisition
Codification of the Canon Law
Failure of the Seventh Crusade
Improvements in shipbuilding and navigation
Invention of gunpowder
Crystallization of the Code of Barcelona
Formalization of the Idea of Usury
Establishment of Castile's school of translation
Enactment of the "Provisions of Oxford"
Vincent of Beauvais compiles the Speculum Maius
Popularization of experimental science
Compilation of the Summa Theologiae
Travels of Marco Polo
Development of lenses
Appearance of the Zohar
Condemnation of Christian averroism
Enactment of the Statute of Winchester
Fall of Acre, 1291 C. E
Summoning of the model parliament
Emergence of modern Western painting
Pronouncement of the Bull Unam Sanctam
Dante writes the Divine Comedy
Swiss victory at Morgarten
Composition of the Defensor Pacis
Flowering of Late Medieval physics
Isuance of the Decree Licet Juris
Invasion of the Black Death
Promulgation of the Statute of Praemunire
Enunciation of the Golden Bull
Condemnation of Wycliffe
Election of Pope Clement VII
Conversion of Lithuania
Chaucer writes the Canterbury Tales
Turkish conquest of Serbia
Beginnings of Renaissance sculpture
Thomas à Kempis writes the Imitation of Christ
The preaching of John Huss
Calling of the Council of Constance
Establishment of the school of Prince Henry the Navigator
Emergence of perspective in painting
Joan of Arc's relief of Orléans
Declaration of the pragmatic Sanction of Bourges
Nicholas of Cusa writes De Docta Ignorantia
Invention of printing
Fall of Constantinople, May 29, 1453
Founding of the Platonic Academy of Florence
Reform of the Spanish Church
Consolidation of France
Ivan III's organization of the "Third Rome"
Destruction of the Golden Horde
Fall of Granada, 1492
Expulsion of the Jews from Spain
Discovery of America
Leonardo da Vinci paints the Last Supper
Revival of classical themes in painting


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