Masterpieces of World Philosophy

Masterpieces of World Philosophy

Book - 1990
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For many, philosophy is a difficult, almost unapproachable field--just understanding it seems to require more knowledge than most students and general readers could possible have. That's how Masterpieces of World Philosophy can help you to truly grasp the ideas of Aristotle and Aquinas, Confucius and Camus: it examines and summarizes nearly one hundred influential works through critical essays that focus on their themes and major points. Based on the award-winning, five-volume reference, World Philosophy, each essay explains the historical background of the work, the life of its author, and its influence on modern thought. Alternative views of the philosopher's ideas are provided through reviews of important critical works, and reading lists help you find sources for additional information. With Masterpieces of World Philosophy, the ideas that have shaped our world--from the ancients to the thinkers of our time--are at your fingertips.
Publisher: New York : HarperCollins, c1990
ISBN: 9780060164300
Branch Call Number: 100/MAS
Additional Contributors: Magill, Frank Northen 1907-
Roth, John K.
Confucius (K'ung Fu-tzu) c. 550-479 BC
Democritus of Abdera c. 460 - 370 BC
Tzu, Meng c. 372-289 BC
Chuang-Tzu c. 370-285 BC
Epicurus c. 342-270 BC
Lucretius Carus, Titus 99-55 B.C
Epictetus c. 65-135
Empiricus, Sextus
Augustine Saint, Bishop of Hippo
Hui-neng 638-713
S'ankara c. 788-820
Avicenna, (ibn-Sina) 980-1037
Anselm Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury,1033-1109
Averroës (ibn-Roshd) 1126-1198
Thomas Aquinas, Saint,1225?-1274
William of Ockham c. 1280-1350
Machiavelli, Niccolò 1469-1527
Bacon, Francis 1561-1626
Descartes, René 1596-1650
Hobbes, Thomas 1588-1679
Pascal, Blaise 1623-1662
Spinoza, Benedictus de 1632-1677
Locke, John 1632-1704
Von Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm 1646-1716
Berkeley, George 1685-1753
Hume, David 1711-1776
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1712-1778
Kant, Immanuel 1724-1804
Bentham, Jeremy 1748-1832
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831
Kierkegaard, Søren 1813-1855
Mill, John Stuart 1806-1873
Sidgwick, Henry 1838-1900
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm 1844-1900
Marx, Karl 1818-1883
James, William 1842-1910
Royce, Josiah 1855-1916
Moore, George Edward 1873-1958
Santayana, George 1863-1952
Bergson, Henri Louis 1859-1941
Peirce, Charles Sanders 1839-1914
Husserl, Edmund 1859-1938
Wittgenstein, Ludwig 1889-1951
Dewey, John 1859-1952
Buber, Martin 1878-1965
Heidegger, Martin 1889-1976
Whitehead, Alfred N. mathematician,1861-1947
Ross, William David 1877-1971
Popper, Karl R. Sir,1902-
Carnap, Rudolf 1891-1970
Ayer, Alfred Jules Sir,1910-
Russell, Bertrand 1872-1970
Sartre, Jean-Paul 1905-1980
Merleau-Ponty, Maurice 1908-1961
Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro 1870-1966
Camus, Albert 1913-1960
Tillich, Paul 1886-1965
Quine, Willard van Orman 1908-
Austin, J. L. 1911-1960
Rawls, John 1921-
Alternative Title: The analects of Confucius / Confucius
Bhagavad Gita
Democritus : fragments / Democritus of Abdera
Euthyphro / Plato
Apology / Plato
Crito / Plato
Phaedo / Plato
Republic / Plato
Metaphysics / Artistotle
Ethica Nicomachea / Aristotle
Politics / Aristotle
Meng Tzu / Mencius
Chuang Tzu / Chuang Chou
Principal doctrines and Letter to Menoeceus / Epicurus
Tao Te Ching
De rerum natura / Lucretius
Discourses and Manual / Epictetus
Outlines of Pyrrhonism / Sextus Empiricus
The City of God / Saint Augustine
The platform scripture of the sixth patriarch / Hui-neng
Crest jewel of wisdom / S'ankara
The book of salvation / Avicenna
Monologion and Proslogion / Saint Anselm of Canterbury
The incoherence of the incoherence / Averroës
Summa Theologica / Saint Thomas Aquinas
William of Ockham : selections / William of Ockham
The prince / Niccolò Machiavelli
Novum Organum / Francis Bacon
Meditations on first philosophy / René Descartes
Leviathan / Thomas Hobbes
Pensées / Blaise Pascal
Ethics / Benedictus de Spinoza
An essay concerning human understanding / John Locke
Of civil government : the second treatise / John Locke
Theodicy / Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous / George Berkeley
A treatise of human nature (Book 1) / David Hume
An enquiry concerning the principles of morals / David Hume
The social contract / Jean Jacques Rousseau
Dialogues concerning natural religion / David Hume
Critique of pure reason / Immanuel Kant
Foundations of the metaphysics of morals / Immanuel Kant
An introduction to the principles of morals and legislation / Jeremy Bentham
Phenomenology of spirit / Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The world as will and idea / Arthur Schopenhauer
The philosophy of history / Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Philosophical fragments / Soren Kierkegaard
Concluding unscientific postscript /Soren Kierkegaard
Essay on liberty / John Stuart Mill
Utilitarianism / John Stuart Mill
The methods of ethics / Henry Sidgwick
Thus spake Zarathustra / Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Beyond good and evil / Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Marx : selected works / Karl Marx
The will to believe / William James
The world and the individual / Josiah Royce
Principia Ethica / George Edward Moore
The life of reason / George Santayana
Creative evolution / Henri Bergson
Peirce : collected papers / Charles Sanders Peirce
Pragmatism / William James
Ideas : general introduction to pure phenomenology / Edmund Husserl
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus / Ludwig Wittgenstein
Human nature and conduct / John Dewey
I and thou / Martin Buber
Being and time / Martin Heidegger
The quest for certainty / John Dewey
Process and reality / Alfred North Whitehea
The right and the good / William David Ross
The logic of scientific discovery / Karl R. Popper
Philosophy and logical syntax / Rudolf Carnap
Language, truth and logic / Alfred Jules Ayer
An inquiry into meaning and truth / Bertrand Russell
Being and nothingness / Jean-Paul Sartre
Phenomenology of perception / Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Zen Buddhism / Daisetz T. Suzuki
The rebel / Albert Camus
The courage to be / Paul Tillich
Philosophical investigations / Ludwig Wittgenstein
Word and object / W. V. O. Quine
How to do things with words / J. L. Austin
Theory of justice / John Rawls


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