Great Events From History

Great Events From History

Ancient and Medieval Series, 4000 - 1 B.C. Vol. 1

Book - 1972
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Publisher: Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Salem Press, 1972
Branch Call Number: 909/MAG
Additional Contributors: Magill, Frank Northen 1907-
Alternative Title: Ancient and medieval seres, 4000 - B.C., Vol. 1
Domestication of the horse
Introduction of the wheel
Origin of writing
Invention of bronze
Creation of the sexagesimal system
Building of the Great Pyramid
Domestication of the camel
Composition of Egyptian wisdom literature
Appearance of the Gilgamesh Epic
Promulgation of Hammurabi's Code
Dissemination of the Book of the Dead
"Discovery" of iron
Failure of Akhenaten's cultural revival
Battle of Kadesh
Hebrew exodus from Egypt
Transmission of the alphabet
Establishment of Yahweh's Covenant with Israel
Establishment of the United Kingdom
Composition of the Book of Genesis
Building of the temple
Establishment of the Kingdom of Israel
HOmer's composition of the Iliad
Inauguration of the olympic games
Apollo's revelations at Delphi
The teaching of Amos
Founding of syracuse
Spartan conquest of Messenia
Hesiod's composition of the Theogony
Invention of coinage
The revelation of Jeremiah
Issuance of Draco's Code
Celebration of the Eleusinian mysteries
Appearance of Zoroastrian Ditheism
Legislation of Solon
Rise of philosophy
Fall of Babylon
The teaching of Second Isaiah
Return from the captivity
Founding of the Pythagorean Brotherhood
Appearance of the Sibylline Books
The reforms of Cleisthenes
Postulation of the Logos
Perfection of the Greek choral lyric
Institution of the Plebeian Tribunate
The naval law of Themistocles
Beginnings of metaphysics
Persian invasion of Greece
Creation of the athenian Empire
Aeschylus writes the Oresteia
Formulation of the "Twelve Tables" of Roman Law
Professionalization of history
Conception of mechanistic atomism
Formulation of the multiple-element hypothesis
Building of the Parthenon
Enactment of the Canuleian Law
The teachings of the Sophists
Thucydides writes the History of the Peloponnesian War
Phidias creates the statue of Zeus at Olympia
Emergence of Greek medicine
Athenian invasion of Sicily
March of the Ten Thousand
Death of Socrates
Plato's development of the Theory of Ideas
Rationalization of ethics
Origin of Municipia
Battle of Chaeronea
Aristotle writes the Politics
Formulation of Logic
The founding of Alexandria
Alexander's victory at Gaugamela
Aristotle's isolation of science as a discipline
Creation of the New Comedy
Building of the Appian Way
The teaching of Euhemerus
Formalization of geometry
Stoic conception of natural law
Issuance of the Lex Hortensia
Advances in Hellenistic astronomy
Deification of Ptolemy Philadelphus
Declaration of the First Punic War
Revenue laws of Ptolemy Philadelphus
"Commissioning" of the Septuagint
Discoveries of Archimedes
Rise of Parthia
Cybele's introduction into Rome
Battle of Zama
Appearance of intertestamental Jewish Apocrypha
Establishment of the Cursus Honorum
Formation of the Scipionic Circle
Revolt of the Maccabees
Cato writes the De Agri Cultura
Skepticism of the Middle Academy
Rise of the Pharisees
Tribunate of Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus
Transference of Pergamum to Rome
Institution of the Formulary System
Marius' creation of the private army
Exploitation of the Arch
Enactment of the Julian Law
Lucretius writes the De Rerum Natura
Caesar's conquest of Gaul
Cicero writes the De Oratore
Cicero writes the De republica
Refinement of Latin prose
Establishment of the Julian calendar
Cicero writes the De Officiis
Proscriptions of the Second Triumvirate
Battle of Actium
Vergil writes the Aeneid
Completion of the Augustan Settlement
Birth of Jesus


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