Great Events From History

Great Events From History

Ancient and Medieval Series, A.D. 1 - 950. Vol. 2

Book - 1972
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Publisher: Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Salem Press, c1972
Branch Call Number: 909/MAG
Additional Contributors: Magill, Frank Northen 1907-
Alternative Title: Dedication of Aelia Capitolina
Martyrdom of Saint Peter in Rome
Roman destruction of the temple at Jerusalem, September 8, 70 C. E
Pliny the Elder compiles the Natural History
Destruction of Pompeii, August 24, 79 C. E
Synod of Jamnia
Clement of Rome addresses the Corinthians
Institution of the alimentary system
Development of the Antiochene Episcopacy
Plutarch's popularization of biography
Statement of Trajan's religious policy
Martyrdom of Ignatius of Antioch
Inception of Christian apologetics
Postulation of the geocentric system
Beginnings of trigonometry
Gaius' edition of the Institutes of Roman Law
Marcus Aurelius writes the Meditations
Publication of Celsus' True Word
Publication of Galen's medical writings
The conception of apostolic succession
Presentation of the Recapitulation Theory
Formation of the Roman symbol
Emergence of "Theology" as a concept
Development of the penitential system
Compilation of the Muratorian Canon
Rise of the Christian Platonists
Crystallization of the New Testament
Formulation of Ulpian's Dictum
Editing of the Chronicles of Julius Africanus
Founding of the Alexandrian school of exegesis
Origen's teaching on the Natural Law
Growth of manichaean Gnosticism
Outbreak of the decian persecution
Stephen's use of the primacy text
Plotinus' conception of Neoplatonism
Inauguration of the Dominate
Porphyry's commentaries on the Categories of Aristotle
Eusebius writes his Ecclesiastical History
Conversion of Constantine
Inception of Church-State problems
Discussion of the date of Easter
Founding of Constantinople
Formulation of the Nicene Creed
Summoning of the Council of Sardica
Development of the Christian calendar
Inauguration of the Feast of Christmas
Failure of Julian's pagan revival
Writing of Basil the Great's Theological Works
Battle of Adrianople
Promulgation of Theodosius' edicts
Commissioning of the Vulgate
Emergence of Papal Decretals
Excommunication of Theodosius
Destruction of the Serapeum
Jerome writes the Contra Vigilantium
The sack of Rome, August 24, 410 C. E
Augustine writes the City of God
Augustine writes the Contra Julianum
Outbreak of the Nestorian controversy
Vandal Seizure of Carthage, 439 C. E
Presentation of Leo's Tome
Conversion of Ireland
Battle of Châlons
"Fall" of Rome, September 4, 476 C. E
Compilation of the Talmud
Gelasius' statements on Church-State relationships
Conversion of Clovis
Genesis of the Trivium and Quadrivium
Drafting of the Breviarium of Alarc II
Misidentification of Dionysius the Areopagite
Boethius writes the Consolation of Philosophy
Priscian writes the Institutiones Grammaticae
Founding of Luxeuil and Bobbio
Establishment of the See of Canterbury
Gregory's recognition of "Vulgar Christianity"
Formalization of the liturgy of the mass
Birth of Islam, 622 C. E
Conversion of Northumbria
Isidore of Seville writes the Etymologies
Establishment of the liturgical year
Adoption of the heavy plow
Tarik's crossing of Spain, 711 C. E
John of Damascus writes the Fountain of Knowledge
Battle of Tours
Forging of the "Donation of Constantine"
Coronation of Pepin, 754 C. E
Establishment of Alcuin's palace school
Cultural development at the Court of Harun al-Rashid
Re-creation of Western Empire
Settlement of the iconoclastic struggel
Treaty of Verdun, 843 C. E
Radbertus' discussion of the eucharist
Improvements in horse transportation
Building of the Slavic alphabet
Medical writings of Rhazes
Founding of Cluny, 910 C. E
Flourishing of the Court of Cordoba
Ancient and medieval series, A.D. 1 - 950, vol. 2
Ovid writes the Metamorphoses
Defeat in Teutoburger Forest
Establishment of the Rhine-Danube frontier
Conduct of the ministry of Jesus
Celebration of the Last Supper
Condemnation of Jesus
Preaching of the Pentecostal Gospel
Philo's Hellenization of Judaism
Roman conquest of Britain, 46 C. E
Creation of the Imperial bureaucracy
Building of the Roman aqueducts, c50 C. E
Paul writes his letter to the Romans
Nero's persection of the Christians, 64-67 C. E


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