Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next

DVD - 2016
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Just when we need him most, America's favorite political provocateur, Michael Moore, brings us his latest award-winning film, Where To Invade Next. Honored by festivals and critics groups alike, Where To Invade Next is an expansive, hilarious, and subversive comedy/documentary in which the Academy Award-winning director confronts the most pressing issues facing America today and finds solutions in the most unlikely places. The creator of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine has returned with an epic movie that's unlike anything he has done before -- an eye-opening call to arms to re-capture the American Dream and restore it to, of all places, America.
Publisher: [Toronto] : distributed in Canada by Mongrel Media, [2016]
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Jul 17, 2020

Once again Michael Moore identifies major deficits in the USA and options for them. This documentary is a worthwhile watch for all North Americans to see how alternate approaches of other countries could improve quality of life at home. Informative and enjoyable.

Oct 04, 2019

Michael Moore is a good documentary maker; unless you hate his political message. If you hate his political message then you will find points to criticize all over this film. But it is still a very well-crafted, entertaining documentary, whether you like it or not. I liked it very much. It made me laugh and made me cringe. But I will watch it again and again in my growing, Michael Moore collection.

A documentary film wherein Michael Moore discusses various shortcomings in the United States political system as compared to the health, education, and penal systems of other countries.
Patron review #2 This dvd is listed as a documentary whenin Michael Moore travels the world searching for answers to areas of United States lifestyles that fall short of humane expectations. He wishes to adopt vacation allowance from Italy, education from Finland, prison reform from Norway and many other lifestyles from numerous places. It is well done, informative, and edgy and has humor and pathos all in the same movie. The movie makes many claims which are very hard to prove.
Informative and entertaining it is recommended.

Feb 23, 2019

Great movie for college students who think everything in the world should be free. He advocates free College, 35 hr work week, free drug use, school with no homework, and free medical care. Of course no country offers all these because of cost, but tries to convince us that the USA is bad because other countries offer free things. Amazing how many people fall for this.

Nov 25, 2018

Enjoyed this movie even though it was done in true Michael Moore style. Yes, we need some serious help here in this country but it's not all sunshine and roses over in Europe. I've seen most of these things firsthand and I do believe Europe has an upper hand on human rights. The biggest problem, as the movie shows, is BIG MONEY in America cause problems for the little man.

Sep 23, 2018

Michael Moore never ceases to amaze and amuse. There were many sad scenes, however, that point out how other countries are implementing the precepts that supposedly define the United States, while we increasingly violate the dignity and rights of our own people. Highly recommend. Kristi & Abby Tabby

May 02, 2018

Written, produced, and directed by Michael Moore in 2015, this 120-minute documentary delves into some solutions to the current American dystopia.
It is an mind-opening and profoundly thought-provoking documentary that makes you think over twice, if not thrice.

Apr 25, 2018

As I see from the comments, this must be real good stuff. Some say its contents are not in tune with the title, i.e. where America will invade next. Well, I'll tell you, and I didn't invent what I say. In 1944 Manely P. Hall wrote a book: "The Secret Destiny Of America." If America is different from many other countries, it's not by chance. Hall writes that behind the basic philosophy of America are "The Unknown Philosophers," who, he says, trained the American people to have that attitude they have. And with a purpose - to be materialistic, and to lead the world toward a planned destiny. And who will they invade next? I'll tell you, and they did tell it in 1990, when the Wolfowitz group published a document: "Project For A New American Century." In that publication they told that they will invade the following countries in this order: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and finally, Iran. And the plans for that agenda did not start with that publication - if one thinks back and puts 2 and 2 together, the preparation for that agenda started after WW2. In fact, it started earlier - the West, incl. Wall Street financed the creation of Communism, financing Lenin and sending him from England to do his "revolution", where they put 200 Brit agents, as aids to Lenin, into the leading positions of Russia. They financed Japan also in WW1 to attack Russia, to create discontent there, to prepare thereby the success of Lenin. Gorbachev, the Russian chief was a Brit agent, and today he is a Lord. Hahaha. Lord communist? Yes. Ok, and Gorbi invaded Afghanistan first, and the West aided the Taliban forces "to prevent the spread of Communism." THE COLD WAR WAS FAKE. And the Taliban was expected and was, so extreme, that Dustbin Laden's attack on America was linked with them, and came the invasion of Afghansitan by Americans. Lord Gorbi withdrew the Russians from Afghanistan certainly on orders, to help the Taliban gain power and do their extremist stuff. OK, and Hussein was helped into power to do what he did, first being the hand of the West in that region, and the West armed him, and then, he "turned on" his patrons (on orders) and the West attacked him to take back the weapons they had given him. Where was Knomeini Ayatollah sent from to oust the Shah and create his religious dictatorial state? From England. It would be interesting to discover who initiated and created the Syrian troubles we see now. Have a guess. OK, read the book of Ted Flynn: "Hope Of The Wicked" (2001) to see a bit these processes going on since decades. And read Milton William Cooper's book "Behold A Pale Horse" (available in VPL) to see what America is planned to become in the middle term toward the end of the big agenda. Ultimately the whole system of the world is going to become a new one, NOT based on individuality and private property. Read Dr. John Coleman's book: "The Conspirators' Hierarchy" (1992) to see the planned future. A totally new social and economic system is to come, see "Agenda 21" of the United Nations." End of individual freedom/rights. Orwell's system, and Orwell wasn't inventing it either - he had been an official propagandist, who made himself free from his task and told the world in a camouflaged way the shape of things to come (read H.G. Wells' book of this title). Arthur Koestler in his book "The Ghost In The Machine" (1967) tells the future society will be 2-tier, i.e. dictatorship and a kind of slavery. What Moore eulogizes in Western countries, is not sustainable, it's temporary and it will change totally by the end of this century. And in the meantime America does the wars necessary.

Apr 25, 2018

This was an impressive film and yet sad commentary on the United States lifestyle. Michael Moore takes you on a journey to good ideas and focuses on certain aspects of various countries social life, such as: Italy, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Tunisia and Iceland.
This DVD has no bonus or special features to explore, and is the typical tongue-in-cheek style of Michael Moore's poignant look at U.S. lifestyle, which he and others conclude to be single minded, egotistical and non-caring culture.
Well worth the watch as it shows how other countries are doing internationally and nationally, while caring for the dignity of the fellow human being.

Jan 31, 2018

Not what you think it would be with the title.

It is a great film, maybe it is the best from Mike Moore.

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Sep 17, 2016

Taxes and welfare, and gourmet food in school cafeteria in France:
I entered a small village in rural Normandy and went to one of the finest kitchens in the country to see how they prepare a gourmet meal. By my standards, it was a three, maybe a four-star kitchen. It was definitely the best place to eat in town. It was the school cafeteria.
Here's how much the average working American pays in income and social security taxes. And those taxes get us the basic services-- police, fire, roads, water, war, and bank bailouts. And here's what the average French worker pays in taxes. A little more than we do. And for paying just a little bit more, they, too, get the basic services, but they also get all this extra stuff. We can get some of that stuff, too, but we have to pay extra. And when we pay extra, we don't call it a tax. We call it tuition and day care fees and the nursing home bill and copays and deductibles and on and on and on. We don't call them taxes, but they are, ...

Sep 17, 2016

Finland's schools are all public:
It is illegal in Finland to set up a school and charge tuition. That's why, for the most part, private schools don't exist. And what that means is that the rich parents have to make sure that the public schools are great. And by making the rich kids go to school with everyone else, they grow up with those other kids as friends. And when they become wealthy adults, they have to think twice before they screw them over. In the United States, education is a business. They're corporations making money.
Many of these things that have made Finland perform well in education are initially American ideas. We try to teach them to think for themselves and to be critical to what they're learning. We try to teach them to be happy person, to be-- respect others and respect yourself. You're concerned with their happiness.

Sep 17, 2016

Slovakia's higher education:
Deep in the heart of the eastern slopes of the Alps is the home of Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty-- Slovenia. Not Slovakia, Slovenia. Actually, much of Slovenia's mail gets missent to Slovakia, but that's not why I'm here. Slovenia is a magical fairyland home to the rarest of mythical creatures-- a college student with no debt.
I think-- the thing is that here, education is really seen as something that's really a public good, and the issue is once you start charging foreign students for education, you automatically open up the idea that you can charge everyone. And as soon as anyone starts paying tuition, the entire idea of "free university for everyone" is under threat. That changes the nature of school being a public good.
The idea of making college free and not sending 22-year-olds into a debtors' prison... was something I could definitely take back to the United States.

Sep 17, 2016

The Germans:
The latest area that German workers have advocated for is how they're to be treated during their free time when they're not at work. It is against the law in Germany to contact an employee while he or she is on vacation. And now many companies in Germany have adopted the rule that the company cannot send an e-mail to employees after work.
At Mercedes, the company's computers will block any boss who tries to bother an employee at home.
Every day in Germany, in every school, they teach the young what their predecessors did.
-We had the chance to meet survivors and they told us their stories. And, yeah, you can't forget it.
They don't whitewash it. They don't pretend it didn't happen. They don't say, "Hey, that was before my time. What's this got to do with me? I didn't kill anyone."

Sep 17, 2016

Decriminalization of drug usage in Portugal:
Portugal, like most countries, had a war on drugs. And, like most countries, they were losing that war. So they decided to try something new. It's my understanding that you don't arrest people for using drugs anymore. No? Heroin? Pot? Meth? Pills? Nothing? If I told you I had cocaine on me right now, you wouldn't do anything? …- No? Okay.
When you think about drug users, everybody thinks about those small 10% that are causing problems. People don't think about the 90% of people that are not causing any troubles although they are using illicit substances.
-People that are using drugs might be causing harm...
Causing harm to themselves, but not necessarily to others.
-...but not necessarily to others. I mean, they may be bringing sadness to their marriage or their family or...
-So? So does Facebook. Are we going to illegalize it?

Sep 17, 2016

Norway prison or country club:
Warden, where's the punishment? Where is the punishment?
-The main idea is we're just supposed to take away their freedom. That's the only punishment we're actually giving them. They miss their family, they miss their friends. Right, right. But also I think and I hope when you speak to them, they will also feel that we're trying to help them back to the same society.
You know, this is gonna be very hard for Americans to see this. This looks very strange to understand why you're doing it, why you do your prison system this way.
-We have to show more love and affection for each other, to take care of each other in another way.
This is the way.
-Yeah. This is a sense of life, you know? If we showed a little more love and affection and kindness toward each other...

Sep 17, 2016

Tunisian on Americans:
Americans are lucky. They are-- they belong to the most powerful country in the world. But being the strongest one maybe stopped them from being just curious. I know a lot about you guys. I know your music from the '70s until today. I dance on your music. I speak, as much as I can, your language. I know Henry Miller, Kerouac, Scott Fitzgerald. I wear your clothes. I eat your food. But I also have my culture. What do you know about my culture? Or Estonian culture? Or Zimbabwean culture? I read an interesting article about the average time an American spends watching the Kardashian show. Why do you spend your time for this? You invented the most powerful weapon in the world-- it's Internet, guys. Use it the right way. ...

Sep 17, 2016

Women in businesses, Iceland:
Research has shown us that-- and this is international research-- that once you have three women in the boardroom, that's when culture starts changing. Not when you have one or two. Because one is a token and two is a minority. But once you have three, it all of a sudden changes the group dynamics, it changes how the dialogue is taken, what is discussed, and it's been well shown that that goes beyond the balance sheet when you have more women around the table. They start asking more about all stakeholders, and this is what I call a different moral and ethical compass. And I think this is extremely valuable today. And I actually don't think you can survive long-term in business without doing this today.

Sep 17, 2016

Parting thoughts P1 of 2:
We discussed all the great things I had taken from my invasions, but I began to lament that the American dream seemed to be alive and well everywhere but America. It was then that Rod reminded me that he and I and most of our generation went to college for practically free. He reminded me that the Finnish education chief had said that their education ideas were American ideas, and that May Day didn't begin in Moscow or Lisbon, it began in Chicago in 1886. That's where the fight for the eight-hour day and a vacation came from-- American unions. The fight for the E.R.A. began eight years before Iceland elected the first female president.

Sep 17, 2016

Parting thoughts P2 of 2:
The same thing with the Norwegian prison warden, that the idea of no cruel or unusual punishment was ours. And it was our state, Michigan, that became the first English-speaking government in the world to eliminate the death penalty. And the special prosecutor in Iceland, he based his whole investigation and prosecution of the bankers on our savings and loan scandal back in the '80s. Even hired an American to help him with it. These weren't European ideas. These weren't new ideas. These were our ideas. We didn't need to invade all these countries to steal their ideas. They were already ours. We didn't need to invade. We just needed to go to the American lost and found.


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Oct 27, 2016

Finland succeeds with no homework and fewer lessons:


Sep 08, 2016

Michael Moore visits a host of nations to learn how the U.S. could improve its own prospects. Turns out the solutions to America's most entrenched problems already exist in the world. They're just waiting to be adopted. 78%/76%

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Apr 17, 2017

ncs1961 thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over


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