Orhan's Inheritance
Orhan's Inheritance A Novel By Ohanesian, Aline eBook - 2015 | First edition

Fans of family epics and historical fiction will find lots to love in this lush, striking debut novel.

Scion of a rug making family, Orhan struggles to figure out why the family home has been left to a woman in Los Angeles know one knows after the death of his grandfather. The journey he takes to find the answer unearths a dark, brutal history rooted in the darkest days of the end of the Ottoman empire. Trigger warnings definitely apply: The answer takes a brutal tour through the Armenian genocide, told through the eyes of a few young children.

The generations' plot lines are woven together masterfully and in a way that moves the heart-stopping plot quickly; the horrors of the genocide are told in language that is direct and brutal, but not gory. Orhan's Inheritance is highly recommended to fans of historical fiction, family sagas and especially to those interested in the history of Turkey.

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