While a lot of crazy-go-nuts films have been made recently with outlandish titles and premises, such as Hobo with a Shotgun, Turbo Kid, Iron Sky, and many others; this film is more like a Great American Movie that they just don't make anymore. The title conjures up lurid pulpy shenanigans, but rather than fall head-first into insanity and staying there, the film ends up asking deeper questions and giving a lot more emotional gravitas to the ins and outs of its titles implications. The writer/director stated he was inspired by Norman Rockwell paintings and it's a mighty obvious (and, for me, well-executed) feature of the movie. Idyllic Americana, begetting secrets of things greater than our understanding.

It is a story more about myth and legends, where The Man himself (as naturally played by Sam Elliott as could be imagined) is a humble individual whose actions don't necessarily make him a hero, just the man who was capable of doing the job. It dwells more on the inner life of someone that just wanted to marry his sweetheart and live his life peacefully in the town he grew up in, only to follow the call of his country and end up sacrificing quite a lot in the process. The "Big Foot" part of the story, which takes about 45 minutes to get to, is an amazing contrast (and, in many respects, counter-part) to the myth and reality of Calvin Barr's acts in WW2.

While it's obviously not for everybody, some of the comments here I found incredibly sad and disappointing, to see people flagrantly dismiss the movie. I decided to add this comment in support of a film that absolutely blew me away and is probably one of the most heartfelt pieces of cinema I've seen in a while. Sure, it's bizarre. But it gives you what it says on the tin and then delivers a deeper, more American, experience in the process.

If anything, just the scene at the dinner table, when Calvin's visited by someone asking about "this story I heard my granddaddy tell me," is worth watching it for alone. But if you can't buy into the movie then, I don't know what the heck to tell ya.

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