This is such a good book from a new author to catch my attention. I absolutely loved this book!
I loved how it involves three stories in one. Mary, Nathaniel and George in the eighteen hundreds, Nora and William in the nineteen hundreds, and Elizabeth and Tyrese in the present.
Writing a story in the present and two stories in the past but still managing to blend them perfectly and without confusing you is super hard but Erin Bartels did such an amazing job.
In Mary’s story, I admit that she had a lot of chemistry with George but just when I would start to wish they’d end up together I’d remember that she was married and that if anything happened it was completely wrong.
In Nora’s story, I loved her relationship with William and it really was a tragedy that it ended the way that it did.
And in Elizabeth’s story, I loved everything about her relationship with Tyrese and how their relationship developed. I gotta say at the beginning of the book I thought Elizabeth’s love interest was going to be Linden but then I understood why that might have been a little weird.
I loved the messages in this book. Forgiveness, not holding unto bitterness, trusting God, everything happens for a reason, and the most important, we are All God’s children and creations.
God didn’t make one race superior to another, we should all be equals because He loves us the same. Love instead of hate.

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