As anyone who is familiar with Mao's ultra-bloody Cultural Revolution knows, "Critical Race Theory" is really "Critical MAOIST Theory" --- the "race" word was simply substituted for Maoist! They use this to indoctrinate in Maoist thought the same way they use "Comprehensive Sex Education" to indoctrinate the school children --- obscene on ALL levels!
This nation is so "racist" the Fairfax Public Schools paid this useless, Maoist fool $20,000 for a one hour talk. They must have public funds galore to burn in the Fairfax School System!
This nation is so racist it paid $73,240 to psycho-punk Maoist thug, John Sullivan, who grew up, with privileges many of us haven't known for incitement to riot! (Or directing a psyop at the Capitol building, something we can all view on video for ourselves, contrary to what the lying, amoral and dishonest Poynter Institute claims! What a complete farce!)
[Not at all surprised biblio commons is against any and all free speech -- they are owned by the Big Four -- Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street and Fidelity, which are also the majority shareholders of the PuppetMedia!]
How about some Real News:
Equity = anti-equality ----- the fundamental basis of Maoism and the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1976), when sons turned in their anti-communist mothers for public execution! If there is anything more obscene than that -- and you wish that for North America, sane people want you gone!!!
Calling communism "social justice" and Maoism "racial equity" does not alter the reality!

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