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DanglingConversations made a comment Jul 29 2021
"Thank you Joanne (April 2020) for your review. This book is a plodding, frustrating read. It needs a good edit. There is a good story buried in there somewhere but it is a shame the author could not control her impulses to give the reader way too..." Permalink
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Inspector Thomas Lynley of Scotland Yard and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers are approached by a member of Parliament with a request to investigate the supposed suicide of a constituent's son.
DanglingConversations moved a title to their In progress shelf Jul 26 2021
Ari Shamron, the head of Israeli intelligence, calls on former intelligence operative Gabriel Allon to thwart a Palestinian plot to destroy the Middle East peace negotiations, a conspiracy linked to a Palestinian zealot with ties to Gabriel's...
DanglingConversations made a comment Jul 23 2021
"A great read with fine plot twists and interesting ethical dilemmas. This offers an unusual insight into complexity of peace keeping and the naiveté of the public and politicians when we send our young people out wearing the Blue Helmets of UN pe..." Permalink
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