Dec 18, 2019
The name was such intriguing I had to read it. I did not have a good start with this book. I could not pay attention to the words and ended up skipping most of the book. Actually, I stopped a third into the book. The recipes were a fun addition but they were not the best instructions. “Don’t sift, pack flour” The book overall there was nothing to really interest you. Hannah has a cat and own a bakery, has feelings for some guys who also has feelings for her. Fluke also has other books called (insert bakery item) murder. It overall gave a kind of generic feel, the title really seemed fun but the contents in the book weren't. I had trouble really getting into any of the characters shoes, they seemed lacking something more. I think the food concept was too much for me, everything was revolved around foods but they didn't seem even that good. The words and structure of the book is pretty mediocre. @TreeHugger of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library