Feb 11, 2020PDBurt rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
This book had way too much detail about mundane things. It would've been ok because of the thoughtful prose and endearing descriptions if those had been in moderation but the expounding about every little detail, i.e. three pages of trying to find a cab, three more pages about the interior of the cab plus descriptions of the music and what the cab driver looked like, two pages of crossing the street, four pages of entering a museum plus way, way, way too many internal thoughts, doubts, frustrations , internal dialogue, inability for the kid to communicate much- ten pages of a four hour incident at the museum, forty pages of foster care, more on the kid's low-life father to the rescue but -no go, forty pages of a nice man who took guardianship, some breathy intrigue thrown in, then twenty pages of teenage angst about school, droll descriptions of socialites, plus periodic blather about hoity toity art, etc, etc. Painfully long. I didn't look at first as to who the author was but I was thinking, omg, it's got to be a woman, no man would describe a teenage boy this way, yup, it's a woman author- what was she imagining a child of hers would be like ? (adoring, lost without her) was she trying to create a substitute for her own failed relationships? Do I sound like Doc on the Doc Martin series? Now that was fun. not this- Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wonderful female authors but this is definitely Blondiewood. I don't know where all the praise accredited to her came from , some kind of bandwagon of authors who want their name on someone else's book?, even those praises were four pages long. wow. I had to skim through much of it and even that was too much. argh! It might have been a good story if it was about 1/3 the length- maybe-; Morose ending.