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Montcalm & Wolfe

Two Men Who Forever Changed the Course of Canadian History

Carrier, Roch
Book, 2014

971.0188 CAR

Death or Victory

The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of An Empire

Snow, Dan
Book, 2010

971.0188 SNO

The French and Indian War

Deciding the Fate of North America

Borneman, Walter R.
Book, 2006


Wolfe & Montcalm

Their Lives, Their Times, and the Fate of A Continent

Carroll, Joy
Book, 2004


Wolfe of Quebec

Reilly, Robin
Book, 2001

971.0188092 WOL -R

Canada: the War of the Conquest

Fregault, Guy
Book, 1969

971.018 FRE

Wolfe and Montcalm

Casgrain, Henri Raymond
Book, 1905


Between Two Shores

Green, Jocelyn
eBook, 2019

Between Two Shores

Green, Jocelyn
eBook, 2019

Revisiting 1759

The Conquest of Canada in Historical Perspective

Book, 2012

971.0188 REV

Battle Cries in the Wilderness

The Struggle for North America in the Seven Years' War

Horn, Bernd
Book, 2011

971.0188 HOR

Northern Armageddon

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

MacLeod, D. Peter
Book, 2011

971.0188 MAC

A Bard of Wolfe's Army

James Thompson, Gentleman Volunteer, 1733-1830

Thompson, James
Book, 2010

971.0188 THO

Montcalm and Wolfe

Szulhan, Rebecca
Book, 2009

J 971.01 SZU

Emerging Loyalties

Cécillon, Jack D.
Book, 2006

J 971.01/CEC

Empires at War

The Seven Years' War and the Struggle for North America, 1754-1763

Fowler, William M.
Book, 2005


The Fall of New France

How the French Lost A North American Empire, 1754-1763

Dale, Ronald J.
Book, 2004


Canada, A People's History

Series 2, Volume 4, 5 and 6

DVD, 2002

H 971 CAN (S2)

Canada, A People's History

Series 1, Volume 1, 2 and 3

DVD, 2002

H 971 CAN (S1)

The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years' War

MacLeod, D. Peter
Book, 1996


The French and Indigenous War, 1754-1763

The Imperial Struggle for North America

Schwartz, Seymour I.
Book, 1994

973.2 S39f

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